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Fujairah Free Zone Company Formation Services

Fujairah Free Zone Company Formation Services
Fujairah Free Zone Company Formation Services
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Fujairah has precisely selected the most strategic and particular location that act as the main function for its improvement. Under the direction and vision of the leader of Fujairah, Sheikh Hamed Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, the Emirates carry on developing at a good pace. We have evolved as the most successful service provider by giving international quality services with the help of excellent amalgamation of the ethical values of the east and up to minute technology of the west. The Emirate spreads over an area of 1450 Square kilometers, which is inhabited by more than a quarter million human beings of different nationalities, also including the Emirates.

Fujairah Free Zone Company Formation Authority

To allow certain invertors to develop the maximum advantage from Fujairah Strategic area, the port of Fujairah is at an adjacent angle to the loose region. The buyers have the entering rights to all Arabian Gulf ports, the pink sea, India, Pakistan and Iran on weekly feeder vessels for the delivery offerings. North Europe, UK, Mediterranean, a long way East and north are places from where the mainline offering arrives on a weekly carrier and allow sailing two times in a week to the ways East and as soon as per week to the north to us. Current day facilities includes 800 meters of deep water quay, 11 rubber-tyred yard cranes and 6 ship-to-shore gantry cranes that keeps the port poised for addressing the region’s flourishing. The Ro/Ro shipment, livestock, bulk dry cargos are also handled by the port.

Fujairah International Airport (Fujairah Free Zone Company Formation Services)

Fujairah International Airport is a port of name for Indian Airways, CIS airways, Gulf Air, Egypt Air as well as for numerous cargo operators and vendors. The port id equipped with the modern day air travel and best air cargo management. Its proximity to sea port of Fujairah and its general customs centers help in a hassle free operations for diverse sea and air shipments.

Fujairah Free Zone Authority

Trading Offices:
Buying and selling offices are categorically delivered that may be leased for export, import and re-export operations. With possible secretarial help, the minimum area is 35 square kilometers.

Distribution / Warehousing:
Different sizes gadgets can be taken on lease for export, import and re-export of various products in addition to well-known buying and selling. By using storage and packaging facilities in the warehouses will help to investors to increase their profits.

The pre-bulit units can be taken on rent by buyers and the devices can also be customized as per the specific requirements.

Business Club:
Creation of a commercial enterprise club is done over an area of 1000 square kilometers to primarily meet the desired needs of the traders. The club comprises of a conference room, playroom, auditorium and supplied trading workplaces, an eating place where traders can relax and clinch commercial enterprise deal in a congenial ecosystem.

Customs Exemption:
Exemption of customs responsibilities on imports of all commodities can be enjoyed by free region clients and also fulfilled merchandise for the reason of export and re-export outside the UAE. Customers need not to pay duties on uncooked cloth utilized in production and manufacturing facility machinery. The clients in the free sector can use any of the UAE Sea and air ports for the transport of their products.

Electricity and Water:
The 3-segment energy for investors are provided at economical prices by the ministry of electricity and water. The water is supplied from the desalination plant.

Administrative Service
The Authority comprise of efficient manpower that provide instant help in obtaining service from associated Federal Ministries in regards to registration of motor, notarization of prison documents, riding license, house visas, access permits, transit and go to visas for traders and employees.

For opening a bank account in any bank of UAE, an introductory letter need to be posted through the Fujairah unfastened Region Authority, submission of a replica of the Fujairah loose quarter license, copies of chamber of commerce registration, strength of attorney of the accepted signatory, establishment of the organization.

Fujairah Customs
The objective of the department is to offer easy and efficient Customs centers to clients of the port of Fujairah, international airport and Dibba sea port. With the popularity we received over the last eight years, procedures are molded as per the needs of clients to provide straight forward openings.

For completing all the customs requirements and documentation, the regular office hours are 7.30 am to 2.30 pm. The efficient workers on duty offer coverage post the office hours on offerings along with bills of entry, vessel clearance certificate, trans-shipment, crew exchange inspection, bonded warehouse in/out traffic, delivering managing services and several others.

For clearing or exporting of goods, the following documentation is required:


  • Certificate of Origin
  • Delivery Order
  • Copy of Trade license
  • Duty completed Fujairah Import Bill of Entry
  • Original Supplier’s Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Israeli Boycott Certificate

Additional Documents
Healthcare certificate is required for agricultural and foodstuff merchandise. In the nonappearance of required files, copies may be lodged together with a small deposit.

All the cargos that are being exported through the airports and seaports of the Fujairah needs to be declared to the department of customs along with the invoice of entry supported with a commercial bill.

The re-exportation of all the shipments through Fujairah Sea and air ports must be supported with a re-export voice of entry.

In the case of goods managed by quotas, a copy of the certificates of origin need to be connected.

In case of vehicles, replica of visitors police clearance papers have to be produced. Loose area customers can also use any of the UAE ports and airports for the motion of their products in and out of the customs responsibility exemptions.

investors can reap up to one hundred% ownership operational license under the following classes in line with their rent agreement with the authority:
Investors can gain 100% ownership operational license under the below mentioned classes in line along with the rent agreement with the authority:

Trading and General Trading License
Approved to export, import and re-export agreed and exact commodities. The license allows the investors to carry out import export and re-export hassle freely within the unfastened area and outdoor the UAE for focal distribution. The authority can provide permits for unfastened operations.

Warehousing License
The warehousing license allow the investor to use the warehouse for storing and packaging of different commodities.

Manufacturing License
For formation of Fujairah free quarter agency, attained approval and implementation of the task. Completion of all the initiatives including manpower and equipment is required.
All manufacturing license approvals are difficult to the identity of the subsequent:

  • Area requirements – built-up and open space
  • Electricity, water and manpower requirements
  • Environmental aspects of the project


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